Clowning around mikuru maid by kobi94-d5w72a4

Alex's 2009 portrait

Alex Vincent-Rodger
(born August 28th, 1960 in Lowell, Massachusetts) is a American actress, circus performer, and writer living in the United Kingdom. She is the wife of Rod Rodger and the mother of May Rodger.

History Edit

Early years Edit

Alex was born in Lowell, Massachusetts to a duo of circus performers working for a local circus. She was homeschooled from a early age and often dressed a jester.

Later years Edit

At age 18, Alex moved to Manchester, England in order to avoid being drafted as a nurse in the Vietnam War. Later on, she joined the Apple's Big Top circus and took on the identity of "Jestie", which she still plays today.

Residence Edit

Like Rod, she lives in Manchester, England. She suffers from a rare disease, she's 56 but looks to be in her 30's.

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