Alina Withers
Alina in 2013.
Born February 2, 1975 (age 41)
Years active 1986-present
Notable work Greeny Phatom

The Jeff Jones Show

Home town Boston, Massachusetts

Alina Withers (born February 2, 1975) is a American actress, stunt woman, and LGBT activist best known for being the actress of Kate Jones in The Jeff Jones Show and for voicing Little Girl 2 on Greeny Phatom. She is also a member of the Fabulous Withers circus troupe.




  • She is bisexual. She once slept with Little Guy 7 's (female) suit performer in Greeny Phatom Live!Janna Dubinski, and was in a relationship with Peter Webber.
    • Her bisexual activity has actually lead to constant trips to therapy for her in the past.
      • In a 2013 interview, she stated "I was an young bisexual. I had another young friend who attended the test screenings of episodes who I was the love interest of. I felt like a queen with Jake Sanford by my side. He approved of my sexuality.... because Sanford Productions was basically LGBT-friendly."
  • She is a tourist of North American countries.
  • Alina is a member of the Furry Fandom. Her fursuit character is Alina Bones, a purple and white dog, built by Shafton, Inc. of North Hollywood, California. She also has another fursuit character, Eva Barks, a German shepherd wearing a blue shirt (with a moveable mouth and a rubber tongue that rolls out) (her head and uncovered part of body slips over her head and legs), built by Spunk Girls Studios. She has a third fursuit, named Mark the Border Collie, which is a male border collie with a head with servo controlled eyes and a mouth, made by her friend Kristian Michaels and her company Pizzapie Slaughterhouse.


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