Anita Bryant Middle-High School is a middle-high school in 123 Greeny Phatom. It is built underground and highly run down.

Profile Edit

Anita Bryant Middle-High School is, according to Robert Stainton, an animated Abo Elementary School.

Condition Edit

Anita Bryant Middle-High School is heavily underfunded. With almost constant reductions in the budget the school has been forced to use rather bizarre methods to make up for the lack of funding.

Underfunding of the school has resulted in a variety of troubling scenarios for students and staff. Sub-standard facilities abound, including a bag of potatoes having replaced the school's tether ball, cafeteria food made from dead activists and demonstrators' corpses, blended fruit salad, shredded newspaper, and copies of the National Enquirer (only the teachers eat French fries made from potatoes), cafeteria drinks consisting of Bürger Classic beer and Coca-Cola, among others. The school is overcrowded because of insufficient funds to build more classrooms. In addition, the teachers are less than average, known for their lack of ability to teach, and are seen smoking and drinking within the school premises.

The school has a disabled ramp access system constructed by Animal Liberation Front funding. The school has no on-site sports playing field because the school's track and field park was bulldozed to make way for the Kelly Amphitheater.

Rooms Edit

Teacher's lounge Edit

The Teachers' Lounge is a place in the school where the teachers relax. It has often been the site of numerous illegal operations. Among these are: smuggling human meat, kidnapping Jazz Jennings, and running a black market.

Gym Edit

The gym is a 3,500-seat arena. It has been host to a few musical performances:

Auditorium Edit

The auditorium, according to the episode The Beanson Gang "hasn't been used since 1975, when Bob Dylan came to town."

It was used as a base of operations by the ThunderCats in Greenytoons on the March.