Apple's Funsack is a theme park located in Val-d'Or, Quebec, Canada. It features 67 rollercoasters, 28 thrill rides, and has an indoor arena. It is built on the site of CFS Val-d'Or, a Canadian Forces Station originally built as a fighter-interceptor base intended to protect Montreal and the St. Lawrence River valley and Great Lakes basin against Soviet bomber aircraft.

History Edit

The park opened in 1997, and featured a fireworks show performed by Fireworks by Grucci and a magic show featuring Princess Tenko. The park was built with a Sizzler branch. The park also offers people the ability to smoke or chew tobacco or use medical or recreational marijuana behind closed doors (smoking/chewing/marijuana use facilities are sponsored by Red Man, former Apple Entertainment head Alex Apple's chewing tobacco of choice)

In 2016, the former structure for the Cardiff Arena was shipped to Quebec from Wales and re-mantled with slight modifications, and now is used as the park's indoor arena, the Val-d'Or Indoor Entertainment Centre.

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