AppleVision was a closed circuit television system at Apple Entertainment's amusement parks that controlled the animatronics in the parks' movements.

Multiple LaserDisc players were located at the central control station for AppleVision. The LaserDiscs contained the show audio and video along with the inaudible signals. The audio was sent to a internal satellite at the location of the animatronics, where a modified Skyscan Systems K1A satellite receiver received the video, and, using a special chip installed in the receiver, retrieved and decoded the signals. AppleVision then sent the signals to the show computer. The data was carried to the controller by way of a 26-pin ribbon cable.

If show diagnostics or special skits not included on the Laserdiscs needed to be performed, an Apple Entertainment park castmember would dial up a number and PIN through a phone to take control of the receiver(s) and show computer(s). Once the number and PIN are entered, the show would be interrupted by the diagnostics or special skit. The problem with the phone feature is that the castmembers would have to dial out to end the diagnostics or special skit, after the curtains closed, of course. Simply hanging up the phone connected to the system after diagnostics or a special skit would not work, and sometimes castmembers and patrons would hear other phone noises (examples: off-hook tone and/or a dial tone) before finally being switched back to the AppleVision show (with curtains reopening afterwards).

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