Baker 1
Created and Designed by Robert Stainton
First Appearance Italian Food Songs
Robert Rothwell, Jr. (born Robert Benton), better known as Baker 1, is a character portrayed by Robert Stainton.


According to the official website for the Insanity Trilogy of the Little Guy Mystery Movies, Baker 1 is the adopted brother of Booji Boy (a Devo character) and is more insane than Booji. He is also the brother of Jerrica and Kimber Benton, two members of the "glam wave" band Jem and the Holograms.

When Baker 1 and the Benton sisters were just beginning to walk, their mother, a member of an all-female proto-punk group, was murdered by their older brother, Baker 2, in an attempt to get out of doing his household chores.

When Baker 1 was 20, he realized he was animalsexual, meaning he's attracted to animals and anthromorphic characters and really dislikes human contact. His current girlfriend is Selena Kitsy, a anthro kitsune.

Robert currently holds the position of transforming into Foxy Flanagan, a crazed Scottish fox-rough collie hybrid.

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