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Bounce Animation is a Canadian film, TV, and video animation production company founded by James Clayton in 1998 to continue co-producing Greeny Phatom after OWL Magazine dropped out of production of the show, citing "creative differences". On December 7, 2015, Stainton Enterprises announced to acquire 45% of the company, while 55% is owned by his daughter and widow Erika Clayton.


Type Subsidiary of Bounce Animation
Industry Marketing
3D animation
Visual effects
Employees ~250
Owner(s) Stainton Enterprises (40%)
Erika Clayton (60%)
Parent Bounce Animation
Area served Worldwidee

Since Bounce Animation became a successful animation company, James and Erika Clayton decided to create a Canadian 3D animation, marketing, visual effects and branding company known as Bounce+, a subsidiary of Bounce Animation.

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