CD20 World is A Show Named By Gabriel Lomibao.


Here are the characthers of this fake show.

  • TBA!

History EditEdit


A Screenshot in CD20's World.

in 2009, CD20 Wore Green Shirt in and Brown Guy Wore Brown 2014,CD20 Wore Blue Shirt and Brown Guy Wore Yellow and Dark Yellow Shirts They Start The Pilot in (Early 2014 Late January 2014) Aka the City is Nice.Before pilot it is named CD20 shorts it realeased on Late 2008.and the spinoff show called Glass short's realeased on Mid 2015.And another spinoff called Greenbross realesed before CD20 shorts and it realeased on September 25, 2002.if you want to See the glass's short's.its here: Glass Shorts

CD20 's World
Some attributes
First Date:Mid 2014
Second Season:

1 (2014-2015)

2 (2015)

3 (2015-2016)

4 (2016)

5 (2017)

Third By CD20,Brown Guy,Orange Guy,Yellow Girl,Pink Girl.
Other attributes
Fourth Writer:CD20
Fifth Creator:Brown Guy
Sixth Animator:CD20 and Geo G.

Rating EditEdit

The Show Rating Was 8/10 Thats Cool and Good and Some Webs that Show is 7/10 Because of Some Animation Errors in CD20 World.

Episode GuideEditEdit

For More Episode Guides Click Here: Episodes Guider in Cd20 World.

Pilot:2014 Season 0 

Season 1 2014-2015

Season 2 2015

Season 3 2016-2017

Season 4 2018-2019

Season 5 2020

Season 6 2020-2021

Season 7 2021-2023

Season 8 2023-2025

Season 9 2025-2026

Season 10 2026-2028

(The final episode of this show is CD20 is leaving.)

Trivia EditEdit

Cd20's ClassicsEditEdit

Cd20 classics <--- See here...

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