Can I Get Get Get Is An Single Album By The Rock Band, Luke Miracle.

Disc 1Edit

Can I Get Get Get (6:10)

Adventure Time (Finley's Accapella Version) (2:34)

Suds (6:20)

Born To Fall In Love With Loak Citeh (3:52)

Duh Duh Duh (6:39)

Run, Coops! Run! (2:39)

Holy Muffins! (Parody Of Spongebob And The High Sea's "Barnacles") (3:40)

Let's Go! (5:00)

Treks (2:49)

Go Away! (2:20)

Can I Get Get Get (Club Remix) (5:05)

Disc 2Edit

I'm All Around Town (5:50)

Can I Get The Door (4:39)


Groovin To Jamaica (3:39)

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