Sometimes, the foreign dubs of Greeny Phatom have changed studios!


For Seasons 1-6, Greenyworld Studios decided to outsource Arabic dubbing of Greeny Phatom to Chicago, where it was done by local Arabians and refugees from countries like Syria, people with no experience whatsoever in the acting field, no control over accents, etc. The result, predictably enough, was a dub with an amateur-sounding cast, laughably-bad performances, different accents everywhere, terrible directing and so on. Worst of all, in season 1, you could still hear the original audio underneath the Arabic vocals, suggesting a attempt at a Voiceover Translation.

For instance, Little Guy sounded very annoying, said "السعال السعال السعال السعال" (which translates to "cough cough cough cough") every five seconds and had the most annoying evil laugh in all of existence. Dr. Beanson sounded like Jason Lee caught a cold, while Little Girl had a fairly okay voice. Worst of all is Dr.; instead of his high-pitched tone of voice, he talked in a deep, gruff tone.

Venus Company (and later Beirut International Center Production) would take over for Season 7 onward.

Hezbollah's Al-Manar channel briefly used the American-made Arabic dub, but switched to Venus Company's dub after 3 episodes.


Greeny Phatom was originally dubbed in Latin American Spanish by JBI Studios of Los Angeles, but then dubbing was switched to Prime Dubb (now SDI Media de México) after Season 4 started. Surprisingly the cast (based in Mexico, Argentina, and Chile) was kept.

The movie was dubbed twice in Latin American Spanish, the first by M&M Studios in Caracas, Venezuela for the theatrical re-release and the second by Prime Dubb for home media and television.



Seasons 1 and 2 were dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese three times, the first by Herbert Richers for Rede Record, the second by JBI Studios for Rede Globo, and the third, done in-house at GreenyWorld Studios in Chicago by Brazilian immigrants voicing the characters, for VHS releases. DVD releases use all three dubs.

Season 20 onwards has been dubbed by JBI Studios.

The movie was dubbed twice in Brazilian Portuguese, the first by M&M Studios in Caracas, Venezuela for Disney Character Voices International (a Disney subsidiary) just for Buena Vista International's release of the film in Brazil, and used Brazilian celebrities to do the voices. It was so poorly received that the movie was re-dubbed by Herbert Richers for the home video release with the cast from the Brazilian Portuguese dub of the series.


Season 2 was done by Herbert Richers (using his dub's cast trying hard to imitate European Portuguese dialect) instead of Motion Pictures, S.A. for cost reasons, but the Motion Pictures, S.A. cast redubbed it after Season 3 was handed to Motion Pictures after they managed to lower the price for the commissioning of the dub.


Seasons 1, 2, and 3 were originally dubbed by the SEFIT-CDC Group. The later seasons and the redubs of the first three were done by Greenyworld Studios Italy in-house using a cast comprised of actors and actresses from around Italy. Why the redub? Many parents complained to Italia 1's owners Mediaset that Little Guy's voice (provided by Elisabetta Spinelli, who now voices Little Girl) was too annoying. So, they fired SEFIT-CDC and hired GWSI.


Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 were dubbed into Persian three times, the first by Worldwide Discographic in Tehran (later bought out by Greenyworld Studios Iran) for IRIB TV1, the second done in-house at GreenyWorld Studios in Chicago with Iranian and Afghani immigrants voicing the characters for BBC Persian Television and Manoto, and the third, also done in-house by GreenyWorld Studios, for IRIB Nahal and DVD releases from Irangaam. Shanzay Banu Hashim voiced Little Girl in the first and third dubs, as she moved to the United States in the mid-2000's.


Castillian SpanishEdit

The series has two dubs in Castillian Spanish, one for most Spanish TV channels by Motion Pictures, S.A., and the second by SDI Media Spain for Boing. The Motion Pictures dub covers all seasons and uses a modified version of the Latin American Spanish script with some of the same voice actors as that dub, while the SDI Media Spain dub only covers Season 16 onward.


The series has two Basque dubs, one dubbed by Motion Pictures, S.A. and aired on ETB 1, and another dubbed by Greenyworld Studios Spain for Super 3. The Super 3 dub is done using Basque-speaking Spanish expats in Chicago.



For some reason, Season 20 was dubbed in Hindi by Main Frame Software Communications, however, when Season 21 was given to Sound & Vision India, they redubbed Season 20.

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