Christine Martinez
Avatars-000187235759-yfbfli-t500x500 (2)
Art of Selena Kitsy, her "alter-ego" (Image © Selena Kitsy)
Born January 13, 1970
Died August 12, 2004 (aged 34)
Cause of death Injury during a robbery
Resting place Hoctun Cemetery near Izamal, Yucatán, Mexico
Other names Selena Kitsy
Years active 1984-2004
Notable work The Jeff Jones Show

Christine Martinez (January 13, 1970 - August 12, 2004) was an American actress, songwriter, musician, and singer of Mexican heritage, who was one of the earliest furries. Her fursona, Selena Kitsy, a fat kitsune, has since been taken on by her daughter Crystal Stainton.

History Edit

Early years and life as an actress Edit

Christine was born in a bathroom in the Slots-A-Fun Casino on the Las Vegas Strip to Jackson Stephenson, an obscure 1960's gambler, and his wife Evita Montserrat de Francisco Yayo-Stephenson, who was a cohort of Joan Ganz Cooney, one of the creators of Sesame Street. She and her parents lived in a Carlin model Sears Catalog Home in Angola on the Lake, New York.

Christine was interested in Japanese folklore and myth during her school years. In 1982, when she was 13, she began attending school dressed in a kitsune Halloween costume. In 1983, at age 14, she began a travelling act as "Selena: The Fat Kitsune of Beauty", which performed in high school gymnasiums and arenas across North America and South America. She performed as her character "Selena Kitsy" under prosthetic makeup, dentures, and a latex and cotton fat suit with a young Audel LaRoque acting as "her assistant". During a Selena show in the Upper Canada Mall, she was spotted by Gilmar Sanford, who asked her and Audel after the show if they wanted to audition for the Jeff Jones Show. She agreed, leading to her auditioning as Selena. She performed various acts from her show, leading to her being casted. Christine (but Selena on the show) was the love interest of Robert Stainton, and Christine and him briefly dated, until they broke up due to Robert finding Christine being a "fox fucker" very odd. However, they still were friends until her death.

In 1993, she directed her first feature-length film, Zoo Life.

In 1996, she came out as a lesbian and married Robert's sister Kendall Stainton in 2000.

Death Edit

Christine's last Selena Kitsy performance was at the Alternative Music Foundation where she played songs from her new pop punk album, Selena Kitsy: My Time Has Come.

In 2004, she was at her home in Arkansas, in the woods on Mount Magazine, when she was attacked by a robber. She attempted to attack the robber with a Ginsu knife, but she was shot in her left arm with a AK-47. She died of blood loss on the spot. The robber was later found and arrested, and then setenced to death.

Christine's funeral was held in the parking lot of the Slots-A-Fun Casino in Las Vegas, of which one of the bathrooms was where she was born, with over 9,345 people attending. A "Midnight Howl" occured with many fursuiters and furries afterwards.

Her body was transported to Mexico, her mother's birthplace, and her final resting place is in Hoctun Cemetery near Izamal, Yucatán. A large statue and memorial bearing the inscriptions "No te metas con el kitsune.", " Ella tiene el mundo entero en sus patas.", and "Leyenda. Belleza. Gordo." Her body is in a burrow in front of the memorial and statue, with her body embalmed, done up to resemble Selena, and positioned to look like Selena sleeping.

Doctors concluded that before her death in the robbery, she had been suffering problems with her back due to surgery following her receiving a perforated colon.

Her daughter continues the character's legacy as her secondary fursona and has released a number of other Selena albums.

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