Cindy Flakes was a cereal developed by the Looney Mills factory in Brooklyn, NY. The cereal is basically based off of the Daniel and Cindy theatrical shorts.

History Edit

The cereal brand began in 1988. In mid-1994, There was a CD-ROM game packaged in to promote the brand (much like Chex Quest) In 1997, for only the month of October, they've promoted glow-in-the-dark "Danmellows." It was a failure, because of the toxic materials contained within it. They soon have to recall all of their products. Despite the problem, the cereal was indeed a success today.

Can Cure Cancer?! Edit

In 2001, Looney Mills reported that 50% of the customers that consumed the cereal have reduced chances of cancer

File:Cindy Flakes-0.png
File:Cindy Flakes2.png

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