Cynthia Gean Fletcher is a female cartoon character who had appeared in the Early 1995 American Animated TV series, The Daniel and Cindy Show. She was voiced by Cindy Fletcher from 1940 to 1968 and Tress MacNielle from 1992 up until 2000.

History (Fake information)Edit

After the success of the Daniel and Cindy shorts from 1940- 1969, Cindy was going to be part of a TV series distributed by Warner Bros. Familly Entertainment and Greenytoons Productions along with Daniel, after their first film back in '92. Their last episode, before going onto their ways, was in 2000.

Real History during Gomezd400's timeEdit

In real life, Cindy is a retired tutor, who is born in 1957 in Pennsylvania. After a long hiatus without tutoring someone, Cindy began tutoring Daniel Gomez (Gomezd400) on 2/18/2005, and has tutored him since then.


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