I happen to an affinity for Chuck E. Cheese's and my creation, Catgirl. I also like yelling inside the head of my 1980's Helen Henny costume.
— Crystal Stainton in a 2011 interview
Crystal Stainton
Crystal in 2013
Born September 8th, 1986 (age 31)
Other names "Cryssie"

"The Young Helen" (in the 1990's)

Years active 1990's-present
Notable work Customed characters

Female voices

Home town Utica, New York
Family: Aishwarya Nibhanupudi (wife)

Robert Stainton (father)

Crystal Elskerfeilen Stainton, better known as Crystal Stainton (born September 8th, 1986) is a American voice actress, writer, internet personality, and suit performer from Utica, New York. She is the daughter of Robert Stainton.


Crystal was born in Utica to Robert Stainton and his then-girlfriend Christine Martinez (b. 1970, d. 2004)  at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in 1986. Christine was 16 when she gave birth to Crystal.

Crystal was interested in mascot characters and was often at the nurse's office due to her backbone being weak.

She became interested in the costume character industry in 1987 when Robert and Christine took her to the Union, NJ Pizza Time Theatre for her second birthday. "I enjoyed the CyberStar visuals of the characters... they made me wanna feel like I was gonna be with them. But I enjoyed Helen, most of all."

Her first walkaround role was (surprisingly) Helen at the Union location "In the not-too-distant past, 1998 to be exact" she recalls. Her other first role was a appearance as Helen at a CEC banquet that was captured on tape. She was 13 when she gained the role, making her one of the youngest performers at an CEC location. She mostly did substituting and road shows during visits to other establishments. When she was 16 in 2001, she gained the role fulltime.

She did her first voice acting role as Little Girl in the Greeny Phatom Kart game (doing "a very high-pitched impersonation of Georgia Denney's Little Girl voice"), and various female roles for her followed after, followed by her creation of Catgirl and the Clawed Crusaders.

In January 2002, Crystal gave birth to a daughter, Marina Stainton, via surrogate.

In 2006, she revealed her love of all things CEC in a post to her own blog. She also revealed she had embarrassing costume accidents, in one of which her head was knocked off after a Chuck E. performer's shoe flew into her face (and also a boy said "Helen's not real!"), one in which was during her audition as she walked aimlessly around the gameroom and got slammed down by a screaming child, one in which she got called "Birdie", and one in which she broke her jaw after landing on a rock after tripping while outside the restaurant trying to get motorists to honk at her and the performers.

Crystal attended Chicago Vocational High School for her high school education. In 2014, she graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a degree in drama.

She has been dating a childhood friend of her, Aishwarya Nibhanupudi, since early 2013 and they adopted a second daughter, 12-year old Kishori Nibhanupudi-Stainton, in 2015. Crystal was interviewed by in January 2016, where she came out of the closet as a lesbian, and she stated that "She's been with me ever since I was 7. We have two different nationalities, she's Indian and I'm a American, so we try to get along with being a different person from another country. In fact, I'm a lesbian woman. We don't date a lot, but when we do, we manage to be two cute girls." Crystal then came out to her father and his wife. The two married in November 2016, in a ceremony held at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

In February 2016, Crystal revealed her other embarrassing costume accidents in a interview, in one in which a kid ran away from her screaming "Don't stuff me into a suit", one in which an employee spilled his Tropicana Twister all over her costume's shoe, one in which got caught sleeping on a Baby Pac Man machine after playing it "for about 1 hour" while on a 4-hour visit to a beach for a fundraiser, one in which she tripped and fell into the Skee-ball machine, and one in which she got caught flipping off a angry mom.

Trivia Edit

  • She privately owns a 1980's-era Helen Henny costume. It was only used in two showtapes.
    • She also privately owns a purple cheerleader Helen, a green cheerleader Helen, a 1991 Helen, among other walkarounds from various sources.
  • She is nicknamed "String Legs" due to her constantly hanging her legs in a split.
  • She does not like her gender being made fun of. Just saying “boys rule, girls drool” in front of her will land you in the hospital so fast your head will spin.
  • She suffered from a weak backbone for a long time. She also suffered many cramps even after puberty. In 2015, she received a backbone transplant from a undisclosed donor.
  • She grew up with the Burger King Kids Club characters. She has "a lesbian crush" on Snaps.
    • She never knew the McDonaldland characters were even existent until she met her friend Jamie, who works as the walkaround actress for Birdie for a McDonald's restaurant's promotions.
  • She is a member of the furry fandom. Her fursona and fursuit character is Chrissie the Chicken (mostly spelled as Cryssie), a brown-feather haired young hen from New York. The fursuit for the character is a modified Helen Henny walkaround, of which she modified herself, using everything she could find around the house (the original feet of the costume were made of slippers and yellow-spraypainted condoms filled with cotton and held together with Krazy Glue, she later switched to custom-made feet and legs made of a mixture of foam, Tyvek, and latex).
    • She also owns a anthro Lopunny fursuit, named "Q-Tee" (pronounced Cutie) which debuted in the 2013 documentary Underneath The Masks, a film about furries and dollers, of which her dad and his are producers of and are featured in.
  • She owns a pet white leghorn hen, named Crystal Jr., a pet Easter Egger hen, named Maggie, and a pet Buff Orpington hen, named Samantha.
  • She is a volunteer police officer with the Utica Police Department, taking after her mother who also worked as a volunteer officer for it.
  • Crystal shelters feral chickens in her spare time.
    • Her other spare time is spent racing FMX bikes. She also drives a monster truck named "Crystal's Cluckfest" for J.H. Motorsports. The truck is controlled like a FMX bike.
  • Crystal has Aspergers syndrome.
  • Crystal is the leader of the new wave/Hi-NRG band The Chicken Loving Maniacs, who's members dress up in fursuits and Animegao kigurumi costumes.
  • At the age of fifteen, Crystal began wearing glasses to correct her severe myopia and astigmatism. At times, she has used clear contact lenses. At GreenyCon 2014, she wore a pair of custom "eye exam" glasses borrowed from Michael Pilmer (Devo-Obsesso), that were previously used by Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh. At GreenyCon 2015, she wore prescription glasses with clear frames with LED lights embedded. She wore BulbHead Dial Vision glasses at GreenyCon 2016. She has mainly used contact lenses for wearing mascot costumes and fursuits, though she has used giant prescription glasses for Cryssie on occasion.

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