Created and Designed by Dan Murphy
First Appearance "Blocking Blocker"
Episode count All episodes (except two from Season 9 and four from Season 14)
Voiced by Rob Paulsen
Age 37
Friends and Allies Rjstar (best friend)
Speed Girl (girlfriend, probably)
Mr. Guy
Enemies Rjstock
Derekecka "Derek" Strimmer is the main deutragonist of the Fox television series The Adventures of Rjstar. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen. His birthday is February 17. and he's Rjstar's best friend.

Design Edit

  • His head is tan with two eyes and a mouth.
  • He wears a yellow shirt and pants.
  • He has black pupils in his eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • Rjstar and Derek wasn't always best friends, First off, they didn't like each other. But after they discovered that they like the same stuff, They are now friends.
  • In the Season 19 finale, It's revealed that Derek and Speed Girl "supposingly" love each other.

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