Devo in: Whip It MIXXED
Film information

Directed by

Nate Stainton

Produced by

Jamie Shertick

Executive Produced by

Samantha Shertick



Music by



Jamie Shertick


Jamie Shertick Productions

Release Date(s)

January 25, 2016

Running time

4 minutes



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Devo in: Whip It MIXXED is the music video for Philip Steir's remix of Devo's "Whip It", produced and released to promote it's usage in Little Guy: Heaven Sent.

Outfits Edit

Rooftop Scenes Edit

Devo wear yellow "radiation" suits and energy domes. Mark wears Baumvision Francesca glasses and a Seiko Frequency watch.

  • Josh 1 - electronic drums and cymbals (ddrum DD Beta)
  • Jerry - headset microphone, black electric bass guitar worn on a black strap (Steinberger model L2 bass)
  • Mark - headset microphone, keytar (Korg RK-100S)
  • Bob - headset microphone, electric guitar (Ibanez Spud Custom)
  • Josh 2 - electric guitar (ESP LTD M‑1000SE)

Philip Steir, Brian Gardner, Tony Kanal, DJ Z-Trip, and Mr. Haynes all wear yellow "radiation" suits and energy domes and use turntables and Allen & Heath ZED-428 mixing consoles.

Lowrider Scenes Edit

Devo wear black and red New Traditionalist Pomps, the 2004 Nike tour shirts, knee-high socks, and boxer shorts, and Reebok Pump shoes. Mark wears Baumvision Francesca glasses and a Seiko Frequency watch and is driving the lowrider.

  • Josh 1 - electronic drums (Alesis CompactKit 4)
  • Jerry - electric bass guitar (seafoam green Eastwood Guitars Surfcaster Bass)
  • Mark - a dog (Francesca (aka Frank)) is sitting in his lap
  • Bob - electric guitar (dark cherry Gibson Les Paul with the lower horn cut off and flipped over)
  • Josh 2 - electric guitar (white Brian May Guitars Special with Tortoise Shell scratchplate)

Production Edit

The music video was shot in various locations in Los Angeles, California.

The lowrider scenes and some parts of the rooftop scenes were shot with a Traxxas Aton drone, and then Filmized. Other scenes were shot with Panasonic AG-DVX200PJ camcorders on Sunpak Platinum Plus tripods and then Filmized.

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