A 2017 Remake of the 2005 Paul Robertson Music Video, Do the Whirlwind. Featuring Pac-Man, Greeny Phatom, and Bananas in Pajamas.

Do the Greeny Pac-Bananas (Version 2)04:48

Do the Greeny Pac-Bananas (Version 2)

She said you'd given up,

Your folks told me you should be left alone, 

on a mountain top 

knocking the aeroplanes down with stones. 

Do the whirlwind 

and carry the hope that stings all night long, 

Don't abandon him 

'cause he quivers when he hears your song.

Believe me, it's safe to see,

At least be confused about right and wrong, 

Plan to settle down, 

Over the moon under the sun. 

Do the whirlwind, 

and shotgun the seat that beats (beats) 

Hanging on to the one you love 

To keep, keepin', sleepin', dreamin' on. 

Folks given up under the quivers and lines, 

You do the whirlwind, 

Don't abandon, 

Get a handle of yourself, son

(Ohhh... ohh ohh ohh ohh...)

(Do the whirlwind, do the whirlwind...)

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