Edmond Audran Mascot Academy trains and graduates about 8,900 mascot performers every year. It is a property of Apple Entertainment, Inc. It is funded by it's parent's revenue and taxpayer's money. There are no grades, no tests, and classes are non-compulsory. Described as the "Harvard of mascot schools", most of it's students come from around the world. The school is named for French composer Edmond Audran who helped popularize the term "mascot".

It started in the former Iranian embassy in Washington, D.C., and later to a rented portion of the Raven Rock Mountain Complex near Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania, before moving back to Maryland when it was moved to a converted nuclear fallout shelter outside of Berlin, Maryland.

Graduate Kristian Michaels (who graduated when the school was based in Pennsylvania) jokingly stated that "most of our graduates went on to work in theme parks, fairs, sports teams, travelling shows, circuses, and TV shows and movies, or some went on to join the furry fandom, like me."