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Season Zero (1999)Edit

Episode Name About the Episode Episode Airdate Episode Rating
Pilot The pilot of Hev's World. 1999 n/a

Early SeasonsEdit

Season 1 (2000 - 2001)Edit

Episode Name About the Episode Episode Airdate Episode Rating
How i did meet Troy The first episode with the story of Hev Guy meeting Troy. October 15th, 2000  TV-G

Hev Guy and Hev Girl

Hev Guy has a crush on Hev Girl , making Hev Girl Hev Guy 's boyfriend.  October 23rd, 2000 TV-G
The Vacation The three main characters go on a vacation to Germany, where they see the Eiffel Tower. October 30,2000 TV-G
The Hev's World Halloween SPOOKTAKULARRR The Halloween special of Hev's World. Then, the show took a break until Late November. October 31, 2000 TV-PG (V)
The Machine after the break until Late November, Hev's World is back on track. Hev Guy builds a machine, but Bryan Guy trys to snatch it. November 25, 2000 TV-G
Videogame Shoppin' The three main characters go shopping for videogames, and buy a Dreamcast November 28, 2000 TV-G
The Hev's World Early Christmas Special The Christmas special of Hev's World. After this special, Hev's World premiered on Disney Channel for the very first time. December 6, 2000 TV-G
It's like Y2K all over again! 123 Hev's World is burnt on fire and the three main characters  try to escape the ruins. December 31, 2000 TV-PG (V)
Hev Street on a Whole New Year After the destruction of 123 Hev's World, Troy builds a new town called Hev Street. January 5, 2001 TV-G
The New School The Guards of Hev Street build a new school for the three main characters, January 12, 2001 TV-G
February Showers The first Hev's World episode to be more relative to February. January 20, 2001 TV-G
L. O. V. E.  The Valentine's Day special of Hev's WorldTroy builds a community for Girls and Boys in love. Febuary 18, 2001 TV-G
GET IN THE CHOPPER! A giant Easy-Bake oven invades the U.S.A. and it's up to Hev Guy and friends to save the day. March 1, 2001 TV-Y7
The Sand Dune Paintbrush Troy's cousin Roy comes to visit, and troy tells the story of how he met Hev Guy. March 7, 2001 TV-G
The All-Star Season Finale The Last Episode of Season 1. March 12, 2001 TV-G

Season 2 (2001)Edit

Episode Name Episode Airdate Plot of the Episode
The Case March 15, 2001 A mystery goes on and Hev Guy sees that Keithy Guy did it.
Raining Paper March 21, 2001 Hev Guy plans to have an outside Comic Book event, but it rains.
Troy-didly Squat March 25, 2001 Troy is bored, so he doesn't know what to do. This was the last episode before hitas again.
May Flowers May 1, 2001 Recoverage of Season 1 and a Mayday special. Hev Guy and Hev Girl plant a garden, but Troy helps too.
Video Clip May 10, 2001 A parody of the upcoming Video Clip film.

Tenative Title

May 13, 2001 Untitled episode and recoverage of the plot.
Channel PBS Doomsday May 19, 2001 Channel PBS broadcasts everywhere, and now it's up to Hev Guy to break the signal.
Roy Returns! May 21, 2001 Troy's cousin Roy returns and tells everyone that he moved from Sydney to Hev Street.
Bad Day May 27, 2001 Hev Guy tries to get rest, but Bree's sputtering machine keeps him awake.
The All-Star Season Finale 2: Part 1 May 30, 2001 Before Part 2, this episode was the "true and four quarters" Season 2 Finale.
The All-Star Season Finale 2: Part 2 May 31, 2001

Before long hitas, the True Season 2 Finale premieres.

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