Finley "Gabriel" Small (born August 25, 2000, age 12) is an American cartoonist, voice actor, singer, animator and film and television producer, most notably known for his work in film and television, and is the creator of Finley Universal ever since he joined Finleytoons in 2010. He has also worked on the Finley series, Finley TV (the Finley's World spin-off), Team Finley, Bud CitySatin City and the Super Orange Ball series. [1]Finley Small himself holding 2 plush toys (Finley and Satin Guy), 2014Added by Finnbinn[2]       [3]Finley's SignatureAdded by Finnbinn{| class="toc" id="toc" style="border-color:rgb(217,217,217);" |

History Finley Small was born in 2000 and has directed a lot of films ever since, such as State in the Trap in 2010. He is most commonly known for being the creator of the animated series Finley's World.

He had founded his own companies, Finley Entertainment in 2008, Finley's World Home Entertainment in 2010, PlanetFinley (formerly known as Finley Small Pictures) in 2010, Red Ball Animation in 2011, and Finley's World Studios in 2012.



Title Release year
State in the Trap 2010
Finley Movie 2012
Team Finley: The Movie 2013
Finley's World: Bigger, Longer and Uncut 2013
Satin City: The Movie 2014
Finley's World: The Movie 2015
Finley Movie 2 2015
Rise of 123 Finley's World 2016
Finley Movie 3 2016
Finley's World: The Movie 2 2016
Finley Movie 4 2017
Finley's World: The Movie 3 2017
The Finley's World Kids Movie 2017
Team Finley: The Movie 2 2018
Finley's World: The Movie 4 2018
The Joe and Ian Movie 2018
Finley Movie 5 2019
Finley's World: The Movie 5 2019
Finley's World: The Movie 6 2020
Kyle 2020
Finley Movie 6 2020
Finley's 1st Movie 2021
Finley's Friends 2021
Super Orange Ball 2022
Untitled PlanetFinley film 2022
Finley's World: The Movie 7 2023
Finley and Satin Guy and the Quest of the Giant Apple 2023
Finley's World: The Movie 8 TBA
Finley's World: The Rampage of Gree Guy TBA
Geo Guy's Geo-tasic Adventure TBA
Untitled Finley's World film TBA
Finley's World: The Movie 9 TBA
Finley's World: The Return of Gree Guy and Pingux2012 TBA
Untitled Finley's Friends sequel TBA
Finley's 2nd Movie TBA
Untitled The Axaxins film TBA
Untitled Acorn Madness film TBA


Title Original run
Finley City 2009-2014
The Joe and Ian Show  2010-2018
Finley's World 2011-present
Bud City 2012-2016
Finley TV 2012-present
David's World 2013-2017
Satin City 2014-present
Eddy's World 2015-2017
Finley Gone Crazy 2015-2019
Finley's World Kids


Short filmsEdit

Title Release year
Rock Me Mama 2013 (with Finley's World: Bigger, Longer and Uncut)
Finley's World: Finley Gone Crazy  2015 (with Finley's World: The Movie)
That Guy Who Was Single 2016

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