Freedom of Choice is a 2017 American biographical film directed by Robert Stainton, Nate Stainton, and Kendall Stainton (credited as Robert, Nate, and Kendall), depicting the career of new wave band Devo. Titled after their third studio album of the same name, the film focuses on the band up from the Q/A era to the Something for Everybody era. Members of the band were involved in the film: Mark Mothersbaugh composed the score while his brother Bob and his daughter Alex served as executive producers, while Gerald Casale and the band's archivist Michael Pilmer served as creative consultants. Mark Mothersbaugh is portrayed by Sebastian Roché, with Guy Ecker as Bob Mothersbaugh, Sean Lennon as Gerald Casale, Stefán Karl Stefánsson as Bob Casale, and Oded Fehr as Alan Myers. Alan's replacement David Kendrick is portrayed by Mana of the Finnish metal band Lordi.

Production Edit

The film featured examples of "Dyeing for Your Art". For example:

  • Sebastian Roché took up synth and guitar lessons with Mark Mothersbaugh and his brother Bob to play Mark.
  • Guy Ecker slimmed down by eating only McDonald's for six months (a diet promoted by a teacher named John Cisna after trying it out and losing 56 pounds) in order to play Bob Mothersbaugh. He also took up guitar lessons.
  • Sean Lennon was originally going to his hair cut and dyed to play Gerald Casale, however the shaving equipment and the bottle of dye were destroyed in an insurance claim, so he wore a bald cap with a wig made to resemble Gerald's hair in the band's heyday attached to it.
  • Stefán Karl Stefánsson wore heavy makeup to look like Bob Casale. He also took up synth and guitar lessons.
  • Oded Fehr took up drumming lessons with the band's current drummer, Josh Freese, in order to play Alan.
  • Mana wore heavy makeup and grew his hair and dyed it blonde, wearing it in a ponytail to play David Kendrick.

Some of the band's actual instruments were used in the film, such as Bob's infamous Ibanez Spud Custom and Gerald's Steinberger L2 bass (for some scenes a red Steinberger L2, owned by Robert Stainton, was used). Custom drumkits were built for Oded Fehr and Mana for the film.

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