Furryous: The Mystery of Santa Claus
The teaser cover art
Developer(s) Lionhead Studios Montréal/Tokyo
Splash Damage (multiplayer)[1]
Rare (multiplayer)
Publisher(s) Microsoft Studios
in partnership with
Engine Sketcher²[2] with Abstegro Alpha physics
Platform(s) XCage, Wii, Wii U, Xbox One
Released WW 19th December 2014
Mode(s) Single player
Co-operative play (PC only)
Multiplayer (consoles only)

Furryous: The Mystery of Santa Claus (also known as Furryous Christmas in Japan) is a sequel to Furryous (2013), released to Xbox One, Wii, Wii U and XCage. In the game, Larry, Peter and Stanley must find Santa and fight Jackie Frost.

In New Year's Eve 2013, Microsoft announced the release date for the game and also released the teaser trailer next day


The development immidietally started after the release of Furryous.


Jonas Kærlev, the well-known director of A Hat In Time and Davey Wreden, the original developer of The Stanley Parable were both hired by Nuclear Monkey Software (while it's subsidiary office in Milan is assisting in the project), since they got intrested in their creativity.

Facepunch Studios and Black Forest Games were also mentioned during development since all employees from Facepunch were helping in 3D modeling and enviroments.

Nuclear Monkey Milan, Arkane Studios and Microsoft Studios Annecy was originally developing the game until the offices was bought by UltraNitro Studios.


Grant Kirkhope was originally coming back, but late he was accompanied with another British composer Blake Robinson, known from making covers of video game music out of samples.


  1. First game Splash Damage contributed to, that isn't a FPS
  2. The first version of Sketcher was only used in Narbacular Drop, a spiritual predeccessor of Portal, after tthe original Nuclear Monkey team was hired by Valve.

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