Geo's World is a show that ran from 1989 to 1991 on The Greeny Channel. It was created only because while Greeny Phatom was in the works, Robert Stainton needed a side project to work on and Geo's World was born.

Geo's World follows the adventures of Geo Guy in a town called Geo City. The show ran for 7 Seasons with a pilot episode in 1988 and was cancelled in 1990 for Robert Stainton to spend more time on trying to get Greeny Phatom on the air.
Geo world

In a interview, Robert Stainton claimed that he signed a deal with the Butterfingers company to make some Geo's World and Greeny Phatom advertisements and the ads were made between 1992 and 1998. While the ads have not been seen on TV since 2000, the ads have been put on YouTube for the internet to enjoy.

Season guide:

Season Episode # per season Season Started Season Ended
0 1 (pilot episode) Jan. 19th 1988 Jan. 19th 1988
1 7 Oct. 12th 1989 Nov. 23rd 1989
2 4 Mar. 29th 1990 Apr. 19th 1990
3 1990 1991

Season 1 Guide:

  1. Geo Guy's Midnight Sleep                                       Aired: Oct. 12th 1989
  2. The Cure of Santed Sailor                                        Aired: Oct. 19th 1989
  3. Geo Guy vs Greeny Phatom                                    Aired: Oct. 26th 1989
  4. Reading Windows Errors                                         Aired: Nov. 2nd 1989
  5. Video Clip                                                              Aired: Nov. 9th 1989
  6. The Adventures of Geo Guy                                     Aired: Nov. 16th 1989
  7. Geo Guy vs Greeny Phatom 2: Transformation          Aired: Nov. 23rd 1989

Season 2 Guide:

8. Rejected Toy Story                                                 Aired: Mar. 29th 1990 

9. Green Bob vs 3 Ballerina Dancers                           Aired: Apr. 5th 1990

10. Going to the Movies                                              Aired: Apr. 12th 1990

11. Reading CLG Signs                                              Aired: Apr. 19th 1990

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