Glaceon's World
Genre Comedy


Format Animated series
Created by Glaceon Waterflower, Sr.
Starring Glaceon Waterflower, Jr.

Jeff Waterflower
Jamie Kennedy

Country of origin United Kingdom
Language English


No. of seasons 21
No. of episodes 325
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Executive producer(s) Glaceon Waterflower Sr.
Running time Usually 26 minutes
Production company(s) The Greeny Channel Studios — Glaceon Films (copyright holder, 2016-present)

Boulder Media Limited (2016-present)
Channel Awesome (2016-present)
Glaceon Films (1973-2015)
ITV Studios (2009-present)
Granada Television (1973-present)

Distributor The Program Exchange (a few episodes in 1987)

RKO Pictures (1987)
Colex Enterprises (1987-1988)
SFM Entertainment (1988-1999, 2004-present)
Litton Syndications (1998-1999)
Telepictures Distribution (1999-2003)
Bohbot Kids Network (2003-2004)
Greenyworld Studios (2009-2015)
The Greeny Channel Studios (2016-present)

Original channel The Greeny Channel, The CW (2016-present)

Rai Gulp (Italy; 2002-present)
ITV1 (UK; 1973-present)
CITV (UK; 1987-present)
Zits 8, Syndication, PBS Kids (1987-2015)
Nickelodeon (France; 1997-present)
UPN (2004-2005)

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Original run October 14, 1973 – present
Followed by none
Preceded by none
Spin-offs/Related Shows

Glaceon's World is a British animated series.

Behind the ScenesEdit

This show, being one of the first Greenytoons , began and aired in 1973 as a children's program on Granada Television.

Lost episodesEdit

The first episodes of Glaceon's World used to be lost. Well, when Glaceon Films was moving to it's new studio and Glaceon Waterflower Sr. was moving some of the master tapes of GTVHSR2W episodes to a van, car thieves stole the van, which was never found. The 16mm film master tapes of some of the episodes were then eventually found in an abandoned loft, and those episodes got VHS releases from ITC Home Video in 1993 (with cooperation from Granada, the ITV franchise that commissioned the series). Eventually, the remaining episodes were found in the film storage vault of CBET in Windsor, Ontario, who had formerly aired the show around the time Glaceon Films sold it all over the world (and SFM was syndicating it for GF). The founded episodes all got DVD releases from Fremantlemedia Kids & Family.

Acquisition by GreenyWorld StudiosEdit

Glaceon Films and it's properties were bought by GreenyWorld Studios, in June 5, 1996. The Waterflower family had part-control of the company, until 2015, when it was completely bought out by The Greeny Channel Studios. The Walterflower family still operate the company, as a licensing, merchadising, rights and copyright holding company which is a part of GreenyWorld Studios, and still work at the company, yet animation will be outsourced to Boulder Media Limited.