2008 Videos Edit

This is when the channel was most active

Video# Title Upload Date View Count

(as of May 27th 2017)

Description of video Likes Dislikes
1 A Rough Childhood April 12th 2008 19,451 views From the hit movie Crazy Guy

We see Crazy Guy's childhood

49 5
2 Crazy Guy Part 1 April 12th 2008 12,705 views The first part of Crazy Guy

Lots of thanks to me and the Actor of Crazy Guy

Robert Stainton as Crazy Guy

12 3
3 Crazy Guy Part 2 April 12th 2008 5,500 views The second part of my movie

More madness is about to happen

The gang first runs into a snow hill, almost hit a helicopter and killed Calm Guy

Oh My!

8 1
4 Crazy Guy Part 3 April 12th 2008 5,519 views

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