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GreenyWorld Studios
Type Joint venture between Sony Pictures Entertainment, 21st Century Fox, TimeWarner, Troma Entertainment, and Stainton Enterprises
Industry Entertainment
Founded 1985
Founders Robert Stainton

Ulises Tobar

Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Owner(s) Sony (10%)
21st Century Fox (10%)
TimeWarner (10%)
Troma Entertainment (10%)
Stainton Enterprises (60%)
Parent Sony Pictures Entertainment (10%)
Fox Entertainment Group (10%)
Turner Broadcasting System (5%)
Warner Bros. Entertainment (5%)
Troma Entertainment (10%)
Stainton Media Group (60%)
Divisions Greenyworld Studios UK
Greenyworld Studios Japan
Greenyworld Studios France
Greenyworld Studios Germany
Greenyworld Studios Greece
Greenyworld Studios Jamaica
Greenyworld Studios Poland
Greenyworld Studios Canada
Greenyworld Studios Spain
Greenyworld Studios Israel
Greenyworld Studios Arabia
Greeny Phatom Productions Inc.
Mascot Little Guy
Slogan "Believe in Greeny"
Its a World

GreenyWorld Studios Entertainment, Inc. (stylized as Greenyworld Studios, and also known as its distribution name Greenyworld Pictures) is a company and animation studio founded in 1985 by the creator of Gree City, Gree G. and Robert Stainton (who later bought and renamed the company Greeny Phatom Studios). The company was renamed from Greeny Phaotm Studios to Greenyworld Studios in 1997. The company was held by Celebrity Home Entertainment until 1988, when Robert controlled it himself. The company was sold to Sony Pictures Entertainment in 1997 after it was reorganized as GreenyWorld Studios. He acquired Adelaide Productions (an animation division of Sony Pictures Television) in 2003 before selling it back two months later.

GreenyWorld Studios licensed the home entertainment rights to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (USA/Canada, Domestic and International) and Aniplex (Japan), while 20th Century Fox Television and 20th Television has the TV syndication rights licensed by GreenyWorld Studios.



The all-new 2013 logo used in other greenyworld films (including GreenyWorld Powers 2) and the other LGMM movies after Atomic Holocaust 2.

GreenyWorld Studios was founded in 1985 by Robert Stainton and Ulises Tobar under the name Greetastic, LLC. before being renamed to Greeny Phatom Studios, Inc. after Greeny Phatom debuted in 1995.

In 1997 the company decided to change the name to Greenyworld Studios. Soon they created more of their own films, picked up the rights to the films they released with Carolco Pictures, Le Studio Canal, Concorde, Trimark Pictures and other film studios (except the films from other studios such as Disney, Touchstone, Miramax, and Dimension, and formerly Hollywood Pictures, who remains with the studios). They also picked up the rights to other film studios who were bankrupt and closed down. For the live action films they own they are released by Greeny-Guild a company launched by Greenyworld and Pathé. The following studios they own are...

  • Pacific International Enterprises
    Grenny RKO Pictures
  • a few Morgan Creek films
  • most of the Triumph Releasing films (except the ones owned by Sony)
  • Vision PDG
  • all of the Games Productions (a live action company created by Games Animation) films
  • most of the Vestron Pictures library
  • some of the 20th Century Fox films (except the ones owned by FOX)
  • the J&JM library
  • all of the Games Animation films (made from the 60's to now)
    Blinks an eye
  • most of the Melvin Simon Productions library
  • all of the films released under Greenyworld Pictures
  • most of the Astral Films library
  • most of The Rank Organization library (except the ones owned by ITV)
  • most of the Hemdale library
  • the ABC Motion Pictures library
  • some of the Gladden Entertainment library
  • some of the Thames Television library (just the shows the company produced with Thames.)
  • some of the Empire Pictures library
  • the Shapiro Glickenhaus library
  • Japanese Anime Library

However, in 2008, they acquired the film rights to the films GreenyWorld Studios produced with Hollywood Pictures, from The Walt Disney Company.


In August 2013, they said that the old GreenyWorld Studios logo should be replaced with a transparent logo with a words-only logo and start a 2nd generation of greenyworld studios, but the other regional companies' logo won't change, meanwhile in the LGMM movies, it will change after Atomic Holocaust 2.

In 1997, the company was sold to Sony Pictures Entertainment.

In May 2015, Stainton Enterprises announced to acquired and merge all studios, responsible for Greenytoons, to GreenyWorld Studios.

Currently, the studios worldwide are Greenyworld Studios Germany, Greenyworld Studios Poland, Greenyworld Studios Bulgaria, Greenyworld Studios Scandinavia and Nordic, Greenyworld Studios Czech Republic, Greenyworld Studios Greece, Greenyworld Studios Hungary, Greenyworld Studios Italy, GreenyWorld Studios South Korea, Greenyworld Studios Netherlands and Flanders, Greenyworld Studios Australia and New Zealand, Greenyworld Studios China, Greenyworld Studios India, Greenyworld Studios Pakistan, Greenyworld Studios Turkey, and GreenyWorld Studios Latin America. On June 2015, GreenyWorld Studios created Green Media Capital, a motion picture financing division, with offices located in Chicago, London and Paris. GreenyWorld Studios also created "GrePro Media Works", a brand used by all post-production services, VFX companies and other production services owned by GreenyWorld Studios. GreenyWorld Studios also announced to begin the acquisitions of European, African, Asian, Oceanian, Canadian and Latin American game development studios under GreenyWorld Interactive , starting in July 1, 2015.

On July 29, 2015, TurboPunch Ltd, (owners of ASDFmovie and Eddsworld) attempted a hostile takeover of the company as they announced that they would be buying 99% of the company and Stainton Enterprises, they would be owned by Turbo Punch on January 1, 2016, but a lawsuit to stop the acquisition had started that same day. On July 31, 2015, TurboPunch Ltd announced that it had terminated its acquisition. As compensation, TurboPunch gave GreenyWorld Studios the television rights for Eddsworld.

On November 4, 2015, GreenyWorld Studios sued Pakistani hacker group TeaM MaDLeeTs in a Pakistani court for hacking their website. The hacker group was forced to pay US$500,000,000 for defacement.

On December 9, 2015, Time Warner acquired 5% each from Sony Pictures and Fox Entertainment Group, while Stainton Enterprises also acquired 5% each from both Sony and Fox Entertainment Group. On December 24, 2015, for their upcoming film Dimensia, GreenyWorld Studios received funding, production support, and help from many companies.

On the same day, GreenyWorld Studios and Jordan Kerner announced to acquire Kerner's production company The Kerner Entertainment Company, and make it part of GreenyWorld Studios family. TKEC still operates as an independent entity, unlike most of GreenyWorld Studios, and will still work on non-Greeny Phatom films, however, TKEC announced to work on a live-action Greeny Phatom movie with GreenyWorld Studios, Industrial Light & Magic, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and 20th Century Fox Animation.

On December 15, 2015, Stainton Enterprises announced, that because Greenyworld Studios Portugal, Greenyworld Studios Romania, Greenyworld Studios Slovakia, Greenyworld Studios Ireland, Greenyworld Studios Jamaica, Greenyworld Studios Iran, Greenyworld Studios South Africa, Greenyworld Studios Southeast Asia, and GreenyWorld Studios CIS and Southeastern Europe begin to focus more on animated television series, rather than on feature films and TV shows equally, these divisions are moved under The Greeny Channel Television Animation Group. On the same day, GreenyWorld Studios' TV operations were merged to The Greeny Channel Studios.

On January 2016, many employees left GreenyWorld's Japan, Mongolia, South Korea, Hong Kong & Macau, Philippines, Taiwan, and China studios to create an anime company Sharp Eye (operating in Osaka, Japan, and Los Angeles, USA), that, unlike other anime companies, animates own anime's episodes, in addition to dubbing and subbing others' anime series. The reason for this departure is undisclosed, but anonymous sources have said that the departure has something to do with the relationship between The Greeny Channel Studios and GreenyWorld Studios, being called "unfair to GWS". Stainton Enterprises quickly began working with Sharp Eye, allowing them to animate the new episodes of Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats for The Greeny Channel Studios since episode 1.

Because of the big departure, Greenyworld Studios Hong Kong and Macau, Greenyworld Studios Philippines, Greenyworld Studios Mongolia and Greenyworld Studios Taiwan suffered through the financial problems and had to be supplied with more money in May 2016.

On February 2016, Troma Entertainment acquired a 10% stake, and that day it was announced that Sharp Eye, along with GreenyWorld Studios, and DHX Media would be making a new animated series based off the cult film The Dragonz!.

On January 5, 2017, GreenyWorld Studios bought out Asian operations of SDI Media (outside of Japan), Masreya Media, M&M Studios in Venezuela and Miami, Motion Pictures SA, CDC Sefit Group, JBI Studios Los Angeles, Spacetoon College, Kids Youth Media, GamePower 7, EastWest Licensing, TeleMango, Venus Centre, LaLune Light Studio, Young Future Group, Spacetoonat and Ink ALC. The same day, four new GreenyWorld Studios divisions in the feature films and TV series focuses, GreenyWorld Studios North Carolina, GreenyWorld Studios South Carolina, GreenyWorld Studios Tennessee, and GreenyWorld Studios New England, were started.

Facilities Edit

The Utica, New York facility is housed in a large building at Robert Stainton's GreenyVille Ranch, on the outskirts of Utica, New York. The building was designed by Viennese architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928–2000). It was originally built for the Utica City School District, and went under the name of "Utica Special Needs Educational Center". The building was completely gutted and Friedensreich redesigned the interior when Robert took ownership. It also has deliberately uneven floors designed for their tactile effect on occupants' feet. There are no right angles or regular designs, except in the basement, and the food court style cafeteria (which operates as a McDonald's).

The Chicago, Illinois facility is a converted apartment complex, and has 120 floors.



As Greeny Phatom StudiosEdit

  • Snaily The Snail and The Rainbow Shell with Toho (Japan), Columbia Pictures (Dubbed) Greenyworld Studios Japan, Japanese movie, 1996)

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