Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld
File:Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld logo.png
File:Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld.png

The console simlar to the GBA
Also known as GAPH
Developer(s) "Balls"
Type Handheld Video Game Console
Generation 6th Generation
Release date USA March 16,1998
Europe August 9, 1998
Japan September 21,1998
Discontinued USA September 21,2008
Japan November 21,2008
Europe April 1, 2008
Units sold 59.345 million
Media Cartridge
Online services GS128
Best-selling game Greeny Phatom Pocket, 28 million (as of April 1, 2013)
Battery life 5.5 hours

The Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld is a handheld version of the Greeny Arcade. It was replaced by the Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld 2 in 2007.

History Edit

File:GAPH Prototype Concept.png
In 1995, Greeny Phatom creator, Robert Stainton planned to develop a Greeny Arcade based-handheld, but the budget of the handheld was too expensive, so Robert Stainton have to put production on the gaming console on a hold. He actually made a concept of the prototype. Originally, the handheld was suppose to have a joystick, but it was considered to hard to control and it may break easily on the handheld. Instead, they replaced the joystick with a analog stick.

On February 28, 1997, Robert picked up the idea of the Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld after getting much money thanks to the show, Greeny Phatom. On E3 1997, the developers of the GAPH revealed the prototype of the Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld. The prototype was finished in May 1997. The prototype lacked a VHS slot and SD slot, the prototype color is blue instead of green, the buttons were all green, the analog stick is blue, and it lacked the text on the front, "GREENY ARCADE POCKET HANDHELD". Since there were lesser games being a launch game for the Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld, Robert and the developers were showing in more launch games for the handheld.

In Thanksgiving 1997, the teaser trailer of the GAPH was shown on TV, and then on January 3, 1998, the first commercial of the GAPH was seen on FOX and The Greeny Channel, the channels where Greeny Phatom mostly airs on. And finally, on March 16, 1998, the Greeny Arcade Pocket Handheld was released in North America. It sold 500,000 units on it's opening weekend, and 2 millions units sold within 2 months.

List of launch games Edit

North America Edit

Japan Edit

Europe Edit

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