The theme songs of Greeny Phatom were played by John Maxwell Anderson.

Original theme song Edit

The first theme song was written by Robert Stainton and co-authored by James Clayton. An uncredited Billy Ray Cyrus (yes, THAT Billy Ray Cyrus) was the song composer, while television producer John Maxwell Anderson played the song on a SNES with Mario Paint on it, hooked up to a Sony TC-630 reel-to-reel tape recorder.

European theme song Edit

The international theme song was written and composed by Ed Welch, and made in response to the BBC rejecting the show at first for having an "annoying, beeping theme song". John Maxwell Anderson played the song on the same SNES with Mario Paint on it, hooked up to the same Sony TC-630 reel-to-reel tape recorder. The BBC then greenlit the show for airing on BBC 1 and CBBC.

Other theme songs Edit

"Coke Colar arrangement" Edit

Due to the episode getting shipped before the show's producers had the time to change it back, Saban International sent international broadcasters a version of "Guthuili Coke Colar" which begins with a bouncy, beeping, harsh version of the original theme that is noticeably out of time with itself. It had been done to show off a new synthesizer (the Korg Trinity) along with a set of second-hand Simmons electronic drums, a second hand Hammond B-3 organ, a second-hand Steinberger L2 bass guitar, and a brand new Fender Jag-Stang electric guitar, the synthesizer and organ of which the show's in-house musicians hadn't quite worked out how to use properly yet. This version is known as the "Coke Colar arrangement".

During this, halfway after the Hammond organ is heard for the first time on the track, the drum track stops for 9 seconds and you can hear Kendall Stainton facepalm onto one of the tom toms.

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