Greeny Phatom: High School of Horrors is a novel that comes out on June 19th 2017. There are 80 chapters and it follows the adventures of Little Guy and Dr. Beanson in their young days at high school.


Etm50401 (creator of this page)

Chapter No. Name of Chapter Description
1 First Day Little Guy and Dr. Beanson are not so excited about their first day at high school. They make new friends like Doctor and Beanson and enemy's like the teacher, Teacher Guy
2 Show and Tell It is the second day of high school and Teacher Guy says that it is show and tell. Dr. Beanson brings his Wii and Teacher Guy confiscates it and Little Guy bring his teddy bear and his classmates make fun of him.
3 Swimming Disasters Gym class on Day 2 of school involves going swimming. Little Guy comes up with a plan to get Geo Girl to save him and things go wrong when Little Girl saves Little Guy instead.
4 Questions, lots and lots of questions After Day 2 of School,

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