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Greeny Phatom 4-D is a 4D show at all GreenyWorld theme parks and previously at Apple's Mega City in Flint, Michigan, Apple's Kings Backyard in Wilmington, Delaware, and Apple's Jazzland in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is set to be opened in the GreenyWorld parks by March 2, 2016.

The 4-D attractions initially debuted in 2005 at all parks, and all but Jazzland's were removed in 2012 (Jazzland's version was removed for all of 2010 for the 10th anniversary to bring back Pirates 4-D, but was bought back in 2012 before being removed again in 2013).


Greeny Phatom 4-D was first debuted at Apple's Mega City, Apple's Kings Backyard, and Apple's Jazzland in 2005.

In 2010, Apple's Jazzland announced that it will close the Greeny Phatom 4-D show for the 10th anniversary to bring back Pirates 4-D. However, in 2012, Apple's Jazzland reopened the Greeny Phatom 4-D show.

In 2012, Apple announced that they will close all "Greeny Phatom 4-D" shows in Apple's Mega City, Apple's Kings Backyard, and Apple's Jazzland.

Greeny Phatom 4-D will open in GreenyWorld Los Angeles and GreenyWorld Orlando on March 2, 2016 while the GreenyWorld Toronto version will open on August 6, 2016. It will also open in other GreenyWorld theme parks in the future.

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