Greeny Phatom Classics was created by Robert Stainton's father, Arnold Stainton. It started in 1984 and was originally supposed to end many times. One was after Season 4 in 1995 because of Robert Stainton creating Greeny Phatom. Another was after the first movie in 2000. The third was after the episode Little Guy's last stand which was the final episode of Season 10 in 2006. After that, there was no hope for cancelling Greeny Phatom Classics (originally known as 123 Greeny Phantom until 1993). Robert Stainton took over Greeny Phatom Classics in 1997. This show also explains some mysteries of Greeny Phatom like how The Little Guy Clones came to existence and how Little Guy and Dr. Beanson met and became friends (before The Epic Epilouge)

Season 1 (1984) Edit





Episode Title

Episode plot Episode Airdate Production code
1 1 The New Little Guy in Town Little Guy moves in Greeny Phatom and soon becomes

friends with Dr. Beanson

July 3rd 1984 GPC1E1
2 2 I Can C U! Dr. Beanson tells jokes to Little Guy July 10th 1984 GPC1E2
3 3 The Angry Mom drives a car Angry Mom gets a new car but crashes it July 17th 1984 GPC1E3
4 4 Trapped in a cave Little Guy is trapped in a cave. July 24th 1984 GPC1E4
5 5 Dr. Beanson is Mad Dr. Beanson is Mad about something buy Little Guy doesn't know what July 31st 1984 GPC1E5
6 6 Casio Freakout Dr. Beanson's Casio keyboard explodes. August 7th 1984 GPC1E6
7 7 Clones Little Guy and Dr. Beanson goes shopping and Little Guy finds a cloning machine and makes the Little Guy Clones August 14th 1984 GPC1E7

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