The Greeny Phatom DVD Pack/20th Greeny Years pack extras are mostly series of BTE footages of the 20th Greeny Years pack that is part of the main pack. It includes games, puzzles, etc. The exclusive to the pack is:

  • "20th Greeny Years" - this 2-hour documentary will delve deeply into the creation, development and production of the series. Including in-depth interviews with creator Robert Stainton, writers Geo G. and a handful of others, executive story editor David Shannon, the voice actors, and a handful of the overseas, domestic, and in-house animation crew members.
  • Both versions of the episode "Training Around the City Folk" (Version 1 with the missing backgrounds and rushed animation;  and Version 2 which is the finished version).
  • The original commercial bumpers. Additionally, the episodes in Seasons 1-7 will both include an option to watch with or without the bumpers inserted.
  • Audio commentaries for 10 hand-picked episodes by the entire Greeny Phatom staff.
  • "Original Production Art" - development sketches, model sheets and a selection of storyboards presented in full 1080p HD.
  • "Original Pencil Animation" - pencil tests from the original series, presented in full 1080p HD from re-scanned pencil drawings. Including pencil animation from "Coke Colar IV: Home Of The Stupid Signs", "The Cure of Santed Sailor" and several other older episodes.
  • "Character Designs" - Character designer Rod Rodger was the most prolific designer of secondary characters and props on the series. While we have seen many of Rod's great model sheets on the GP web site over the years, this exclusive featurette will be the most complete tour yet of his work. All model sheets presented in full 1080p HD, with video and audio commentaries by Mr. Rodger himself.
  • "Composing For A Klutz" - The music composers David Newman and John Maxwell Anderson talk at length about the sensibilities and inspirations they brought to the task of composing for Greeny Phatom. John also goes into detail about his compositions such as the theme song and the music he did for some logos, and they play several of their music works (including John's music for the P*I*T*S Films and T*A*T Communications Company logos, and David's score for the Brave Little Toaster) in front of the camera.

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