On March 7, 1999, the Greeny Phatom Sampler tapes were released and included three episodes. This tape is extremely hard to find, as it was sold from 1999-2003. Three different versions of the tape were released in one year. In 2010, a copy was sold on eBay for $300.00 to YouTuber MrServoRetro, who uploaded the tapes' openings and closings in 2016 when Chance S. captured them. At GreenyCon 2016, a copy, plus the 2004 Greeny Phatom The Movie Demo VHS release, was auctioned off for $6,000 to Will M. Sadly, the tape is slightly damaged during Gettin' Handy. On July 11, 2018, Will uploaded a VHS capture of his copy. Robert Stainton owns a prototype version of the tape.


The episodes actually depend on the tape.

Version 1Edit

Greeny Phatom Sampler Tape (1999)

Greeny Phatom Sampler Tape (1999)

Version 1 (the most common version)

Version 2Edit

Robert Stainton's copyEdit