The DVD was released on October 15, 2002, in a widescreen and fullscreen flipside disc with a behind the scenes info, trailers, and an Inside Look with a sneak peek at Catch That Kid, along with a widescreen-only two disc edition with THX certification, Geo Guy Gets Nuts, and several other Special Features. In 2005, a special THX edition with DTS sound, a look at the next Greeny Toon, World Of Jake, 10 Greeny Phatom episodes (1 from each of the first 10 seasons), playable games, a demo of Greeny Phatom The Video Game on Xbox, production galleries, and an extended cut of the film, also with 2 discs. It was also released on Blu-ray + DVD combo pack on October 11, 2011, containing an all-new short Little Guy and The Mystery to New York (before it was eventually extended into the first Little Guy Mystery Movies) and a DTS version of Geo Guy Gets Nuts. In 2016, Discotek Media released the film in a Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD combo pack on July 21, 2016, containing a Dolby Digital version of Geo Guy Gets Nuts, a bonus episode of the new Greenytoon Just a Girl, a demo of Adventures of the Monster Men for the Nintendo Switch, and a soundtrack CD.

A VHS release was also release on October 15, 2002.

A rare demo VHS release also exists.




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