Greeny Tunes is a 25-minute live-action direct-to-video special produced by Sanford ProductionsGreenyWorld StudiosApple Entertainment, Inc., and Bounce Animation and released in 1998 by Sony Wonder.


Moctor gets the Greeny Phatom gang their very own show, and the characters themselves ask a random group of kids if they would help shoot some footage of them in and around Chicago for their videos.


  • Some of the songs are basically various children's tunes re-written with references to the Greenytoons. Here's a list:
    • "Greeny Phatom Theme Music"
    • "We're the Greeny Phatom Gang"
    • "We've Been Livin' In The New York State" ---> "She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain "
    • "I Love to Skateboard 'Around the Roads" ---> "I've Been Working On the Railroad"
    • "Santed Sailor On His Boat Beach Park" ---> "Yankee Doodle Dandy"
    • "Oh, Little Girl 2! This Ride's Not For Me!/I Love To Ride The Carousel" ---> "Oh, Suzanna!"
    • "It's a Pity When the City Isn't Clean"
    • "I Got Friends"
    • "Don't Talk to Strangers"
    • "On Top of the Pizza" ---> "On Top of Spaghetti"


Continuity/Logic ErrorsEdit

  • Little Girl 3 is seen wearing the scarf she had in the Christmas special, but it doesn't appear in this itself.
  • When Santed Sailor is about to puke in "Santed Sailor On His Boat Beach Park", a man can be seen walking up from the second floor then slowly backing up when he realized that he is in the shot.
    • If you could just pay close attention to the shot before this, you'll notice that he's walking out of Santed Sailor's "captain's office", so he's probably a crew member.
  • Gree Guy sings a song about friendship despite him being one of the show's antagonists.

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