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GreenyToons Network logo 2016

GreenyToons Network logo, based on the symbol used by GreenyToons Universe.

Greenytoons is a media franchise and shared fictional universe that is centered on a series of cartoons. The franchise has expanded to include television shows, movies, short cartoons, merchandise, comic books, video games, and so on. The shared universe was established by crossing over characters, their timelines, plot elements, settings and more.

It's a collection of cartoons such as Greeny Phatom, Geo's World, Geo City, World of Jake, Dr. Beanson (TV series), The Greeny Phatom Superstar Show, Greeny Michael, Greeny LOL and Others. These cartoons take place in the same universe

The franchise was created in early 1990s.

List of GreenytoonsEdit

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