Notice: The content featured on this wiki is FAN-MADE. Don't get tricked into thinking it's real.

Notice #2: Someone brought back the old wiki. This one is a backup wiki now. Here you go:

All pictures and company names used utilizing fair use. Credit to everyone.

Please note that most articles about people aren't real. (Except for Robert Stainton and Evan Mussman. But our articles about them contains fake information about them.)

And most characters have voice actors unlike the Greeny Phatom show made by greenyphatom2009/2009greenyphatom (now known as Santed Sailor on YouTube) or greenyphatom1995 which had TTS voices.

This wiki is being used to restore pages from the Greeny Phatom Wiki and make them...well, come back from the dead again. Now you can relive the joy of the Greeny Phatom Wiki!


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