"Greenytoons on the March"
Season: 21
Episode: 4.1
Series Episode Number: Unknown
Original Airdate: January 23, 2016
Production Code: Unknown
Guest Characters: See cast listing
Written by: Tad Stones

Tom Gammill
Don Novello
Robert Stainton
Wayne Quick
Glenn Rockowitz
Frances Bean Cobain

Directed by: Kristian Michaels
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Greenytoons on the March is a crossover between many of the Stainton Media Group/Metropolitan Media Group and Stainton Enterprises-owned shows and GreenyWorld Studios and The Greeny Channel Studios shows.

Plot Edit

Little Guy phones numerous characters and takes them to 123 Greeny Phatom where they need to save the day from The Shippy Shippy Shippy Day Society, a bad guys club.

The characters gain super-hero alter egos, and fight against the GreeBots, the Bot of Evil, and several demons created by the gang.


  • Robert Stainton as Little Guy (The Ant-Human Savior), Santed Sailor, Riff-Raff (The Krazed Kat), and Little Guy 8 (Dudeman)
  • Georgia Denney as Little Girl (The Fem-Savior)


  • The gigantic form of Cleo, the Bot of Evil, and the demons were created using a experimental 2D-3D combination of Motion Capture, a program called Motion2D.
    • Crystal Stainton (wearing a fat suit with reflective spots) with reflective spots applied to her face and body played Cleo.
      • Mike Hoffman played the Bot of Evil.
        • The demons were portrayed by Mike Hoffman, Crystal Stainton, Jake Sanford, and Alina Withers.
          • After the characters' spot data was placed into the program, Wacom Cintiq drawing tablets hooked up to refurbished Dell Dimension XPS Generation 2 computer towers running ReactOS hooked up to Dell P2415Q monitors and Lenovo Ideapad 100s laptops running Windows 10 were used to trace the spot data to create the characters, frame by frame. Final coloring was performed by Sharp Eye in Tokyo, Japan. The complex mathematical and animation issues were solved by Bob Snell Richardson, PhD.

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