"Grow Greeny Spot"
Grow Greeny Spot title card
Season: 5
Episode: 10
Series Episode Number: 44
Original Airdate: September 17, 1999
Production Code: G4F06
Guest Characters: None
Written by: John Bowab

Guy Dubé

Directed by: Kristian Michaels

Syo G.

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Grow Greeny Spot is a Season 5 episode.


The episode begins with Little Guy doing his daily business. All of sudden, Bob Beanson shoots him in the head. Little Guy scolds Bob, then Bob Beanson electrocutes him. Little Guy is taken to the medical center, and is taken care of by Little Girl and Dr. Beanson. Suddenly, two masked criminals enter the medical center, and everyone leaves.

Little Girl and Dr. Beanson panic, but suddenly she finds a baseball bat out of nowhere, and sneaks behind one of the criminals, and hit him. The other criminal caught Little Girl and is holding her as ransom. The other criminal (with the kidnapped Little Girl) then checks into a motel named Motel Cheapo, and explodes for no reason at all, thus freeing Little Girl, who takes Little Guy to Dr. Beanson's house.

Then Little Guy starts turning into a bat like creature, and starts going insane.

Rest to be added by Laser Pikachus and TheworldofBingbang32!


  • The Motel Cheapo name was later used in a Ramada commercial featuring Mr. Bill which aired in 2001, a couple years after this episode aired.

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