Grow Up or Get Pied is a network of pieing projects founded by Robert Stainton and his younger brother Nate. According to Robert, the projects' sole existences are to "pie the hell out of pricks like vegans and atheists."

Dress Edit

Members usually wear skull masks, World War II helmets, camouflage, and eyepatches, and call themselves the "Pie Troops".

Actions Edit

November 2000 pieing attack at Westboro Baptist Church Edit

In November 2000, Robert and Nate, along with Ernie Vienna and some friends and youth from Chicago, Utica, and Hagåtña, entered the Westboro Baptist Church disguised in plain-clothes and disrupted a worship service. They began pieing members and threw a pie filled with Cheez Wiz at leader Fred Phelps (who was Robert's godfather due to a relative donating some of his sperm to help Robert's mother with his birth).

January 2002 pieing of a private home Edit

In January 2002, two "pie troops" from the Gun Barrel City, Texas chapter entered a political cartoonists home, taped his door shut with mail tape, and pied him with a pie containing blended Marijuana before exiting through a backdoor and into the streets. In a communique, Robert Stainton stated "This is for your hate of the Anti-Defamtion League, bitches!"

Reverend Billy pieing Edit

On Christmas Day 2005, the Anaheim pie troops attempted to pie Reverend Billy during his protest at Disneyland, but failed.

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