Film information

Directed by

Robert Stainton
Jake Sanford
Jean Chalopin
Siddiq Barmak
Louis Agustin
Crystal Stainton

Produced by

Jamie Shertick

Executive Produced by

Jamie Shertick

Written by

Jean Chalopin
Peter Gallagher

Screenplay by

Robert Stainton

Based on

Heathcliff comic strip
Heathcliff and The Catillac Cats

Editing by

Jake Sanford
Jamie Shertick


Broadway Video Film
Stainton Media Group
Singularity Entertainment
DHX Media
Creators Syndicate
Millar Gough Ink

Distributed by

Orion Pictures Corporation

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Heathcliff is an upcoming 2017 French-American live-action-animated film, one of the many new films by the Jamie Shertick Productions studio.

Plot Edit

The film takes place in a port town called Westfinster. Heathcliff is predisposed to annoying Mr. Schultz, the manager of the local fish store, called the Elite Fish Market; tipping over, and much more often somersaulting garbage cans into the air, to the annoyance of the local sanitation workers; annoying the milkman to get milk (usually by tricking them into dropping a milk bottle or two); bothering the hard-working sailors who work on the Tuna Fleet; harassing and abusing the dog population; being an informant to the local Dog Catchers; and pursuing female cats. His girlfriend is a girl cat named Sonja; but he has been the target of unrequited affection by another female cat named Crazy Shirley.

Sonja's owner, Herb Jablonski, sees Heathcliff as a nuisance, especially when he brings Sonja home late; but his wife sees Heathcliff as a cat who truly loves Sonja and treats her like a queen, and is often pointing out Heathcliff's gallantry to her oblivious husband. While Sonja is showered with gifts and adoration by Heathcliff, Mrs. Jablonski drops not so subtle hints to Herb, who doesn't take them seriously.

Heathcliff is also involved in an occasionally difficult relationship with Mr. Nutmeg, the moustached owner of the house he lives in. He is, however, loved by the young grandson, Iggy, whom he sees as his friend and owner (although he too can be annoyed with him, especially when Heathcliff hides his trombone); and Mrs. Nutmeg, Iggy's grandmother, overindulges him. He is also a friend of Iggy's playmates Willy, Iggy's brainy best friend; and Marcy, a neighborhood girl whom Heathcliff (dressed in baby clothes) has played play doll carriage with. Another character is Muggsy Faber, Westfinster's local bully and his bulldog, Spike, whom Heathcliff usually (and very easily) outwits. Another dog named Chauncey, unlike Spike, is friendly and lovable, and constantly licks Heathcliff's face.

Cast Edit

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Voice Actors and Motion Capture Performers Edit

Production Edit

Filming Edit

Filming took place throughout California, with filming mainly taking place at Red Studios Hollywood. The characters were created via motion capture at ImageMovers in Novato, California.

The film has 5 directors.