This is the history of 2009greenyphatom.

As greenyphatom2000 Edit

Robert actually joined Youtube on August 10, 2008 to show his new "Greeny Phatom" series, starting with "To Normal or Not to Normal" and "Imagine That!". However, his channel was short lived for unknown reasons. Today, the channel is currently inactive as of 2014.
2009Grennyphatom's Youtube channel

His Youtube Channel as of today

As greenyphatom2009 Edit

Mostly because of Robert not remembering the password to his 2008 account, he decided to make a new youtube channel, called "greenyphatom2009". His first video he ever made was "I Can C U!", which the video is a compilation of commercial parodies of Skittles, Z-Bar, and Tootsie Pop (the video was from Mikes Creations).

Throughout 2009 and 2010, Robert made a bunch of random videos. The only popular videos Robert uploaded was logos (excluding Greeny Phatom). His first Youtube Poop actually was uploaded on the same day "I Can C U!" was uploaded, along with "The Angry Mom in a Car made by IHOP!" and "Chowder's Cousin In A Cave!!!" (All 4 videos were uploaded on March 6, 2009). His most popular video was "PBS Kids Logo", which was uploaded on June 15, 2010 and as of June 20, 2015, the video gained over 712,000 views.

Later, on Christmas Day on December 25, 2010, Reading Windows Errors was uploaded to Youtube, not the actual Pilot episode (Robert also aired the Greeny Phatom Playhouse episodes, which were uploaded from November 18, 2009 to December 17, 2009).

As of 2013, he moved to his new account which is called "2009GreenyPhatom" and switched his icon with a brown sign that says "Moved to 2nd Channel" and "Greenyphatom2009 2009-2011".

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