The Indy Local Series is an open-wheel "pro-am" racing series for local racetracks around the world sanctioned by INDYCAR and promoted by Stainton Enterprises.

Rules Edit

Drivers Edit

Local drivers who have not competed in a racing series and local drivers who were in F1/Indy in the past are allowed to race in the series.

Tires Edit

Tire suppliers are Michelin, Goodyear, JK Tyre, and Hoosier.

Tracks Edit

Here are upcoming tracks for the inaugural 2017-18 season.

  • Bernardian Bowl – Fitchburg, Massachusetts, United States (1/8 asphalt running track) (Race name: Fitchburg 200)
  • Churchill Downs – Louisville, Kentucky, United States (1.6 km dirt track) (Race name: KFC 400 at the Downs)

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