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Jacob's World is a Greeny Phatom show made by Jacob Navin. The show was based on the show Geo's World and the comics Geo Comics made by Geo G..

History of the ShowEdit

In the year of 1981, Jacob Whaley made a character that look like a Little Guy clone with racoon ears and a racoon tail. That would be Jacob. In 1985, Jacob made five more characters, Firey, Woody, Teardrop, Spongy and Match. In 1986, Jacob made the comics and also made a sixth character that was based on a real person. The sixth character was Geo Guy. In 1987, Jacob made two more characters, Big Guy and Dr. Benson. In 1989, Jacob changed Big Guy and Dr. Benson's looks. The names were changed to Little Guy and Dr. Beanson. The clothing was changed from red to pink. In 1990, Jacob made a few more characters which are Green Bob, Doctor, Dr. Clown, Little Guy 7, Sergente Beanson, Beanson, Gary's Father, Little Guy 5, Little Guy 6, Little Guy 3, Little Guy 2, Little Guy 4, Santed Sailor, Bob Beanson, Pube Beanson and Gangster Sailor. In 1995, the show aired on TV, the same year Greeny Phatom aired on TV. In 2000, Jacob's World finished airing on TV. In 2009-present, Jacob is back to drawing the comic strips.


  • In 1985, Firey, Woody, Teardrop, Spongy and Match were actually called Flamey, Plank Board, Raindrop, Kitchen Sponge and Matchstick. But, in 1986, the names were changed to Firey, Woody, Teardrop, Spongy and Match.
  • In 1987, a comic of Jacob's World was banned due to it's disturbing content. The comic was made by Jacob Whaley. He had a strange behaviour. So, he made the banned comic.
  • In 1981, Geo Guy and Jacob were actually best friends.