Jake Wrzesiński
Born December 21st, 1969 (age 45)
Years active 1984-present
Notable work The Jeff Jones Show

Greeny Phatom

Home town Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jake Wrzesiński (born December 21st, 1969 in Września, Poland) is a Polish-Canadian actor and musician who lives in Toronto. He is one of the current composers for Greeny Phatom.


Early YearsEdit

Jake was born in 1969 in Września, Poland to a Yugoslavian mother, Ljubica Đorđević, and a Polish father, Mieczysław Młynarczyk. They immigrated to Canada when he was just 6 months old, settling in Toronto.


Later YearsEdit

Jake's first job was working at a company that imported banana ketchup from the Philippines, fixing boxes and testing out the sauce on various meats and foodstuffs. When asked about it by music humor site Am I Right in a interview posted on the site in 2013, Jake stated "More than once, I had to vomit into a toilet full of piss!"

Jake attended Chaminade College School and later Central Toronto Academy. While at CTA, he met Kristian Michaels, an American-Canadian trans woman from Vermont, and they became fast friends.

Jake joined the cast of The Jeff Jones Show through auditions in Toronto. He was given the part of Jack Jones, Jeff's deadpan snarker brother. Jack starting to like cartoons in Season 2 onward was based on requests from Jake.

He lost his hair in a car accident during production of season 5 of The Jeff Jones Show, and has been bald as a result.



Jake lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with his wife Anna and their sons Arnold and Samuel.

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