James Sharp
James wearing a knight costume
Born October 20, 1968
Other names "Sharpness Knight"
Years active 1995-present
Notable work Greeny Phatom
Home town Orlando, Florida

James Sharp (born James Francisco Sharp, October 20, 1968) is an American animator and actor born in Accident, Maryland and living in the Conway suburbs in Orlando, Florida. He is best known for working on Greeny Phatom episodes. He is also known as "Sharpness Knight", and often wears a knight costume to hide his face sometimes.

Sharp also worked on Apple Entertainment-produced American English dubs of TV shows which were distributed by Viacom as a voice actor.

He owns an animation studio named Sharpness Knight Animation Studios, and does animation work with Greeny Phantom staff and GreenyWorld Studios itself. He founded the studio recently, and announced the studio will work on Greeny Phatom, starting from Season 21.


Sharp was born October 20, 1968, the son of a later McDonald's restaurant manager and a nurse. After Sharp's mother was fired from her job they moved to Orlando, Florida, where James currently lives in his childhood home, in the good ol' Conway suburbs. Sharp often watched cartoons on a RCA 630-TS television (of which his father modified to be in color, and of which James modified to be in HD during the United States digital television transition, or the "FCC's attempt to troll analog lovers", as Sharp puts it).

James attended Cocoa High School, but dropped out when he was a senior because he disliked going to school, and the only job he could find was as a PA system announcer at the high school that he dropped out of.

James was found by Robert Stainton sitting outside a Toys "R" Us in Orange Park, Florida, of which he frequented as a toy collector. Robert had him and James' father taken to Chicago, Illinois, where James was ordered to storyboard the Pilot Pitch. After finishing the work, Robert had a Florida office built in Orlando, near the Conway suburbs.

James commutes between Chicago and Orlando for work.

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