Jamie Shertick
Jamie Shertick Twitter Icon
His Twitter icon, which is a self-portrait
Born November 25, 1990 (age 25)
Sydney, Australia
Other names James Shertick
Years active 2013-present
Notable work Little Guy and The Box of Jengo Fett, Dimensia
Home town Los Angeles, California
Burbank, California
Family: Michael Wildshill (father)
Ashley J "Star" Wildshill-Shertick (mother)
Samantha Shertick (twin sister)
Signature 100px

Jamie Zach Shertick is an Australian-American artist, musician, director, writer, cinematographer, animator, voice actor, rapper, and executive producer, born with his twin sister Samantha during Michael and Ashley's vacation in Sydney, Australia. He is best known for his directorial debut Little Guy and the Box of Jengo Feet.

He runs a production company Jamie Shertick Productions, where he produces his own films based on his own stories, and properties owned and/or created by affiliates GreenyWorld Studios and The Greeny Channel Studios. The studio also writes, animates and makes music for few Greeny Phatom episodes.

His lifeEdit

During his life, especially in childhood, he always tend to remind his friends about his twin sister having "odd" natural color-changing pink hair, the result of a non-fatal birth defect, and so, his sister was nicknamed "The Chameleon Girl".



  • He was a background designer, character designer, story writer, and a song writer for Steven Universe and Clarence.
  • He lives in Burbank, California, with his girlfriend Naomi, and his home is near Cartoon Network Studios' headquarters.
  • He tends to wear socks of different colors, and sometimes pointy anime sunglasses.
  • On Twitter, he said he was a big fan of Homestuck (which he was introduced to by his sister Samantha) and Steven Universe (a show which he used to work on). Because of it, he even wears a shirt with a Sagitarrius symbol on it, and has pieces of topaz and citrine (both his birthstones) at his home.
  • He co-created an animated series The Updowns for The Greeny Channel Studios, with his sister.
  • Aside from English, he also speaks fluent French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.
  • He illustrates and, sometimes, co-writes his friend Brad Chandler's comic The Agents of W.H.O.M.P.E.R.. The comics are published by Legendary Comics, and will have a film adaptation, which was first pitched to Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis, Matthew Vaughn, Richard Donner, Mark Neveldine, Brain Taylor, Eijah Wood, @Radical.Media, Brett Ratner, and Lauren Shuler Donner, in 2015.
  • During the panel session in GreenyCon 2015, Jamie, unexpectedly, did covers of The Dave Strider Rap and Alphabet Aerobics. He rapped slightly faster every second, and ended up rapping 2x faster.

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