Were you looking for JawLocker's counterpart, Golden JawLocker, Shadow Golden JawLocker or Shadow JawLocker?"

Hello! I'm JawLocker. The world's first ever hybrid animatronic to be used for spare parts!
— JawLocker

Jacob Whaley AKA JawLocker is the main character in Jacob's World, and one of the protagonists in Greeny Phatom. This character is also made by Jacob Whaley (AKA GoldenFreddyfan1987), a Greeny Phatom fan.

Created and Designed by GoldenFreddyFan1987
First Appearance JawLocker's Revenge
Episode count 1 (Greeny Phatom)
Voiced by GoldenFreddyFan1987
Age 12
Status Active
Friends and Allies Little Guy
Shadow Golden JawLocker
Kitty FazCat
Dr. Beanson
Geo Guy
Golden JawLocker
Shadow JawLocker
Enemies Beanson
Greeny Phatom Wiki vandalizers

Character's InformationEdit

Jacob Warren "JawLocker" Whaley, (better known as JawLocker, and was formerly known as Lockjaw) is the main character in Jacob's World, and one of the protagonists of Greeny Phatom. His birthday is on June 17. Also, this character's talent is art. He is "voiced" by Jacob Whaley (AKA GoldenFreddyfan1987). He is one of the protagonists in Greeny Phatom. This character is a big fan of Big Hero 6.


There are facts about JawLocker's design.

  • The character wears a fedora.
  • The character wears blue clothes.
  • The character has the same design as Shadow Golden JawLocker.
  • The character is voiced by GoldenFreddyfan1987.
  • The character looks similar to BFPFilms424's character, Lockjaw.


  • JawLocker is witty, polite, loyal, easy going, caring, clumsy and sometimes can be a bit overdramatic. Sometimes, JawLocker can get a little out of control.


  • JawLocker is a Michael Jackson fan. This is the reason why JawLocker has a album of his own, also known as Michael Jackson: JawLocker's Favorite Songs.
  • JawLocker has a henchman, named Firey, who appeared in Battle for Dream Island.
  • Since the creator of JawLocker, GoldenFreddyfan1987, being scared of vandals attacking the JawLocker, Shadow JawLocker, Golden JawLocker, and Shadow Golden JawLocker pages, JawLocker is scared of vandalizers.
  • Since the creator of JawLocker, GoldenFreddyfan1987, has autism, a mental condition for children, JawLocker has autism in the show.
  • Since the creator of JawLocker, GoldenFreddyfan1987, was bullied by CoinHunter12, Laser Pikachus, PCSWtheNumber1ToadFan, Bingbang32, DuperBuilderman12, RedstoneActive9000, KTMWikia8000, ToonLinkMinions11, and HiddenLuigi during the Whaley Flame War. JawLocker has a dark past of the users who bullied GoldenFreddyfan1987. This is also explained to be GoldenFreddyfan1987's hell.


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