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Kristian Michaels
Kristian in 2015.
Born Christoper Columbus Michaels
July 6, 1970 (age 45)
Years active 1987-present
Notable work The Jeff Jones Show
Greeny Phatom
Home town Utica, New York, United States
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Family: AA Michaels (brother, now sister)
Seraphi Shikai Michaels (sister)
Evelyn Janna (mother)
Chris Adams (father)

Kristian "Chriserella" Michaels (born Christopher Columbus Michaels; July 6th, 1970) is a American-Canadian artist, animator, actress, filmmaker, musician, aviator, air show performer, trans woman, and LGBT activist, who has worked on multiple shows and movies. She is married to Robert Stainton. She directed Halloween Nightmare and two other episodes for Greeny Phatom.

She also starred in The Jeff Jones Show.

Her brother is named AA Michaels.


Kristian was born at Bridgepoint Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as "Christopher Columbus Michaels" to an Canadian-born American father and a Canadian mother. According to Kristian her father left Canada in disgrace after punching a young John Tory in a fight in a "greasy spoon" restaurant. She was given this name because her father was a huge history buff.

Kristian and her parents moved to East St. Johnsbury, Vermont, United States after her birth. Her dad ran a Showbiz Pizza Place, where she often went for birthday parties, explaining her love of animatronics, and the reason behind her ownership of a Rock-afire Explosion animatronic show. At a young age, Kristian's mom would force her to wear girl's clothing because she had always wanted a daughter. "Commonly, she would make me wear fake boobs and make me put on French maid outfits and stuff like that, and forced me to grow my hair long. Sometimes, she'd charge people money to come hang out at her and my dad's house. Every night after my brother went to bed, in the goat pen, for entertainment, she'd pleasure with a Hitachi Magic Wand and then whip me. I felt violated. Honestly, I feel weird whenever I draw... you know... lewd shit now. She'd also send me to school dressed as a woman with fake boobs, and tell people my name was "Sugar"." Kristian said that she saw the experience as "traumatizing, horrifying, and sickening", and admitted her becoming curious. She was infatuated with the feel of angora on her skin, as well as hobbies that a usual girl would have. From that point on, she wanted to become a girl. She often crossdressed, and often bought girl's clothing to keep for herself.

By the time she was 10, she was diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder and started the transition from male to female, first through hormone therapy. At age 11, doctors at the Milford Regional Medical Center in Milford, Massachusetts performed an orchiectomy on Kristian. Later on at age 12 doctors at Taunton State Hospital in Taunton performed a penectomy. Later, later on at age 13 she went to California and went to Eisenhower Medical Center in the Coachella Valley and obtained a vaginoplasty. "Christopher was gone, and Kristian had taken over" said Kristian in a 2013 interview. Kristian had her original male genitalia preserved, they are kept in a jar she carries around at times.


Kristian's VCR in 2015.

After having completed gender reassignment surgery at age 14 in 1983, she got her first VCR and in 1984 she got her first video camera, a 1978 Panasonic PV-1100 VHS VCR and a JVC GR-C1 VHS-C camcorder with VHS and VHS-C tapes (along with VHS-C cassette adapters), all of which she still owns today. Her most prized possession is her VHS-C of a Conrail lite engine move passing her and a couple friends while she was visiting Maryland in 1987, an hour before the 1987 Maryland train collision.

She was, surprisingly, not bullied, for being trans, very often in high school, and had a couple of friends (one of them being future Greeny Phatom show composer Jake Wrzesiński) she would make short films with. When her first couple of short films premiered at a theater in Toronto, she landed a job as an actress, first starring in The Jeff Jones Show as Moose Edwards, Jack Jones' girlfriend (and later wife). Jack Jones was played by her high school friend Jake Wrzesinski.

In 1990, Kristian revealed that she was a male-to-female transgender woman.

In 1992, while working on The Jeff Jones Show, Kristian was informed that should would be playing Bunny Dwaggin', a herm purple bunny-dragon combo in the film Dragons of Tromaland. She expressed even more shock than when she was first dressed up in woman's clothing. She reprised the role in The Dragonz! in 2003. 

Later that year, she was cast as Evila in the syndicated American English dub of Sylvan by Apple Entertainment, Inc., a role she is best known for. She felt nauseated due to her past experiences with goats in her parents' backyard, but agreed anyway. She tried to emulate Evila's original Castilian Spanish voice as best as possible, even as for as to drink a bottle of holy water to prevent throat straining.

Also in the same year, she was baptized during Billy Graham's crusade in Portland, Oregon. She sat naked with a leaf over her privates, and was sprinkled with holy water following the altar call song, "Just As I Am".

1995 came, and Kristian did the suit acting of Raphael's love interest Mona Lisa in TMNT: The Next Mutation. Kristian still owns the three costumes used for Mona today. She also performed and voiced her in the second Jake Sanford TMNT film, TMNT: The Greatest Evils.

In 1997, she formed the new wave group The Cumberland Farms, which consisted of her friends from her time in school at St. Johnsbury School in St. Johnsbury and Clara Macy Elementary in Bellingham, Massachusetts. Live shows often saw Kristian playing vigrious riffs on her red 1962 Hagström Kent PB-24-G electric guitar while bassist Mina "Num-Num" Elvira played her bass with one hand and performed Cunnilingus on drummer Lisa Fencer with the other. Mina and Lisa often performed in their birthday suits. The band's outrageous acts and live shows soon began attracting publicity both positive and negative from local Chicago papers including the Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Maroon, and the Polish-language newspaper Dziennik Związkowy with the Chicago Sun-Times inexplicably describing them as "more fun than a shopping spree at a vegan supermarket".

In 1998, she married Robert Stainton in Catalonia, Spain. The marriage was held in that region of Spain due to Kristian's birth certificate, at the late, listing her gender as "male". They decided to keep their last names for reasons unknown. She revealed her secret about being transgender to Robert in 2000 and Robert expressed surprise and happiness over it. He ended up joining the Southern Poverty Law Center to protect her.

She is a fan of animatronics, revealed in 1995 in a interview. She has a locket with Beach Bear (from the Rock a-fire Explosion)'s picture.

In August 2012, she published her biography, Pussycat: The Life and Trials of a Transgender Woman, co-written by fellow trans women Emily Adams and Alex Webber.

On June 10, 2015, she responded to the removal of the "r/Transf*gs" subreddit on Reddit with a uploading of the "Oh Yes" musical number of The Dragonz! on five of Reddit’s pro-trans subs.

Kristian has recently become an air show performer, performing at the Chicago Air & Water Show with a heavily modified Aero L-39 Albatros.

She is also a musician, playing trumpet and other instruments.

Kristian is in the furry fandom. Her fursona and fursuit character is Kimberly/Kimber, a rocker leopard. She was originally a pourcupine.

Kristian is also a fan of Undertale, owning a fursuit of Asriel Dreemurr.

Kristian owns an company called The Works.

Kristian is a member of the Ahmadi Islamic community, which promotes "love for all, hatred for none", and rarely drinks alcoholic beverages during Ramadan. Kristian also practices Christianity, and one of the few people involved in GreenyToons who practices two religions.

She has Arabic, Czech, Hungarian, Persian, Russian, Dutch, and Canadian ancestry.

She is a member of the Fern Town collective.

In January 2017, Kristian applied for and received a concealed carry permit after she acquired a Uzi submachine gun.

List of rolesEdit

  • Moose Edwards (1987-1994, The Jeff Jones Show)
    • Thea Stilton and Simon Squealer (1991-1994, voices, The Jeff Jones Show animated segments)
  • Thorny (1990-1997, The Fruitties, American English dub)
  • Bunny Dwaggin' (1992, Dragons of Tromaland)
  • Evila (1992-1998, Sylvan, American English dub)
  • Evila (1994, Sylvan, DTV film)
  • Mona Lisa (1995, TMNT: The Next Mutation, suit acting)
  • Mona Lisa (1997, TMNT: The Greatest Evils, voice performance and suit acting)
  • Tyler (1997-2000, Locomotive Ted)
  • Linda and Yvonne (1998-2003, Basket Fever, American English dub)
  • Queen Bunny Dwaggin' (2003, The Dragonz!)
  • Marcus (1999-2004, voice, The Dog Pound)
  • Elizabeth (2002, Thomas & Friends read-along audio tapes)
  • Heather Lin/The Hyena (2011, The Hyena)
  • Dana (2013, Wayside (revived series on The Greeny Channel))
  • Miss Worm (2013, Wayside, film)
  • Moose Edwards (2014, Return to the Cave of Jeff, television movie)
  • Janna (2016, Just a Girl)
  • Roxie (2016, Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats)

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