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Laser Pikachus (a.k.a SuperKewlGuy123) is a 15-year-old graphic designer, musician, game developer, gamer, drawer, video editor and sound designer. He joined Greeny Phatom Wiki in March 2012. He studied English ever since he was 6 year old, which explains why his English is very fluent.

He started as a YouTuber back in 2011, but temporarily re-tired from making bi-weekly videos in around 2014.

He found out in March 2015, that he is part-Japanese and part-German based on the members of the family tree.


  • He can be sensitive at times. Beware.
  • He does short Flash animations.
  • He tends to be fascinated by anything, depending on the specific time. Like for example, in December, he was (and still is) fascinated by the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s film industry and the retro style used in films.

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